Thursday, February 26, 2009

and then one day it's spring.

currently in lake city we are experiencing spring. when we have record temperatures of -20 this time of year, spring seems a little bit out of the ordinary. our broomball court that we built on the pond now has 2-3 of standing water on top of it so we are resorting to, what we like to call, "mudball". gross. unlike the staff, the kids LOVE the mud and we're here to please, so play ball kids! the other result of melting snow and ice is lots of falling, or what i call dancing :) it's kind of comical to watch people out of the window shuffle over the crusty snow and ice and flail their arms above their head and throw one, or both, of the feet into the air. there hasn't been any broken bones, but countless lovely bruises. spring in colorado doesn't seem to be the norm :)

until next time,
love from the rockies.

P.S. this new post was for you, jill :)

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Jill said...

love you, dear! :) I also loved the picture and note--wonderful to open my mailbox to that little treat. thanks so much for both (post & mail)!