Monday, June 30, 2008

my wilderness family.

well, i have now been at redcloud for a month and a half now and wanted to introduce to you all the incredible people i get to work with. (and in no particular order)

risa: she has become a great friend and we both thoroughly enjoy raspberry truffle ice cream from the soda shop. she is passionate about people and i admire her patience.

joy: she might be small but her energy inspires me. she loves life, about as much as she loves rock climbing.

kaily: she traveled the farthest to join us from oregon and loves here state. she is disciplined and inspires me to run, and also has a great sense of humor. she's a joy to be around.

becca: probably the hardest worker i know. she loves people well, and can bake the best cookies redcloud has ever seen.

christina: she's from maine and LOVES the water. she encourages to do all things well and i admire her perseverance. anyone who has rafted the gaully (sp?) is impressive in my book.

harrison: harry is from north carolina and is quite fond of his state. he loves tupac and coffee, but his love for Jesus is evident in all he does. he's been a good friend.

matt: (otherwise known as "brew") he is probably the funniest person i have ever met. he loves to fly fish and you'll never see him without his coffee in hand. he is very wise and it's a joy to hear him talk about God's Word.

chris: the best 80's dancer i know. his sense of humor always offers a laugh and his good attitude is such an encouragement. he'll take a cheeseburger any day and has become famous off of MTV's super-sweet 16.

dannon: dannon is selfless and loves to serve others. he encourages me to do the same. he is passionate about the outdoors (and his jeep!) and loves sharing that with others.

zach: a free spirit that has shown me how to love those that are hard to love. his outlook on life is much different than mine, but is refreshing and challenging. i appreciate this.

ryan: he loves to rock climb and teach people to snowboard, and always entertains us with his sense of humor. he's a great leader, loves kids, and so fun to work with.

andy: andy always challenges me to seek God and know him more. he is wise and his heart for this ministry is contagious. he is from kansas, loves big fires, and has some of the best stories i've heard.

luke: the boss-man. he has an inspiring vision for wilderness ministry and loves speaking Truth to others. he is extremely sarcastic and shares andy's story-telling gift.

*these 11 people have quickly become family and i value each of them, all for their different gifts. they have impacted me in a way that continually challenges me and encourages me to pursue God in greater ways.