Monday, January 26, 2009

traveling shoes.

"you pass through places, places pass through you but you carry 'em with you on the sole of your travelin' shoes."

on thursday i will put on my pair of traveling shoes to begin my move to lake city, colorado! i am so thankful that some of the places we pass through we get to return to. i am anxious as i anticipate my job at Redcloud and beginning my life there. i have had to remind myself that i am not returning for a short 3-month period, but instead i will be living there indefinitely! a prayer answered :) i arrive in lake city on saturday, will spend a day skiing with my brother on sunday and be ready for work on monday morning!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

my best friend, courtney, got married yesterday. courtney and i met as 10 year olds, suffered through those painful middle school days together, were inseperable through high school, and supported each other across the miles in college. courtney has been a faithful and encouraging friend that challenges me to seek God in greater ways, and in all areas of life (which is possibly the greatest quality a friend can have). all this to say...i couldn't be happier for courtney and jason richter as they begin their marriage and journey through life!

as my friends get married, i can't help but notice that we are all getting OLDER. i know, 23 is NOT old. but we are graduates of college, homeowners, husbands and wives, working men and women. what happened to carpools and friday nights at the movies? or living only 5 minutes away from one another, not 1000 miles away. oh how the times change...

i will say one thing: weddings make for the BEST parties and the sweetest reunions!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


i have now been away from redcloud for 2 1/2 months and i am more than ready to be back. i feel as if my life is in limbo right now and i am just anxious to begin my life in lake city.

but i also don't want to live as if my life here in houston is without purpose. i have been thankful for this time in texas to reconnect with great friends and spend more time with my sister. this time is precious and i'm sure that when i'm miles away in the mountains i'll want a trip to texas every now and then.

but...i CAN'T WAIT to be back in the mountains, being a part of full-time ministry. learning. serving.