Saturday, May 10, 2008

i started my journey west today, towards lake city, colorado. i drove across the open plains of texas, seeing paris and rome, and got lost in a town named after david bowie. i feel as if i got my dose of texas pride today...before i leave the state for 6 months. god bless the lone star state!

driving allows me to think, undistracted. i contemplated a lot today and admitted to myself that i am a bit nervous for the summer. i feel somewhat incompetent, but God was gracious enough to remind me that he will compensate for my inadequacy.

here's to the final leg of my journey- the great west.

Monday, May 5, 2008

life in transition.

is hard. i pulled out of my driveway at 340 holly st., drove around the JBU campus for the last time, and turned onto the open stretch of highway ahead of me. i cried as i realized how many "lasts" i had just experienced. my 4 years spent at JBU were sweet, and life-changing. i praise God for this place, for friendships, and for growth.

but today, i took one step forward. i opened a new checking account, cleaned my car, and made a trip to REI for the summer. in only 4 short days i will head out on that open road again and travel west towards colorado. i can't wait for the first glimpse of mountains. for people.

here i go. welcome to my life in transition.