Friday, October 3, 2008

another day at redcloud.

quick story for you to enjoy:

as you all know, it is fall in lake city, CO. prime time for hungry bears to make their way into camp on a mad search for food. well, tonight smoky the bear decides to invite himself into MY cabin. he opens the door on his own, saunters inside, leaving his muddy pawprints on our counters, mattresses, and windows. thank you, mr. bear! he makes his way to my bunk (which is at the back of the cabin, by the way) and manages to steal my apples out of their wal-mart bag, eating half and leaving the rest on the floor! he doesn't even clean up after himself. sheesh.

all the while, kathryn is sitting on the top bunk reading. noticing it is smoky that is making a scene....and not me...she yells and screams until he saunters back outside. welcome to fall in lake city!