Tuesday, March 10, 2009


throughout the last 48 hours, these are the only words that seem to make sense. i would like to share with you a story of colorado winters, but moreso about God's grace and his goodness to me.

a friend of mine, melody, had come to visit us here at redcloud and the 3 of us (being amy carr, melody, and i) left before the sun on sunday morning to take her to denver. at about 9 AM we began our trek up monarch pass, which we had been warned could be a bit icy/snowy from the recent weather. well, we didn't make it very far. at the base of the pass i hit a patch of ice, causing the car to slide across the road, into the other lane of traffic. the only thing that made sense at the time was putting the brakes on and bracing myself for what i was pretty sure would happen. well, it happened. we went down over the bank, spun and rolled onto the roof of the car. it all seemed to happen in slow motion until the 3 of us called out for each other, hoping to hear that we were all right. this is the point in time when all i could say was "praise jesus." we released ourselves from our seatbelts (which proved to be quite a lifesaver) and were able to walk up onto the road, where we were met by a generous couple in an RV.

at the end of the day, we were all walking with no injury. just sore backs and 3 very, very tired girls. over and over again we just kept saying, "GOD IS GOOD, GOD IS GOOD." i really can't think of any other reason that we were kept from harm. so, to God be the glory! amy and i were praying that night before we finally got into our beds and our prayer is that somehow the firefighters, EMT's, the nice couple in the RV all saw that God deserved the glory and He is a good and gracious God. so, although i don't think i'll be fond of winter driving for quite some time (or really ever) i think i'm thankful for this reminder of God's sovereignty over my life and that His purpose is always good.

i leave you with this picture.