Sunday, January 18, 2009

my best friend, courtney, got married yesterday. courtney and i met as 10 year olds, suffered through those painful middle school days together, were inseperable through high school, and supported each other across the miles in college. courtney has been a faithful and encouraging friend that challenges me to seek God in greater ways, and in all areas of life (which is possibly the greatest quality a friend can have). all this to say...i couldn't be happier for courtney and jason richter as they begin their marriage and journey through life!

as my friends get married, i can't help but notice that we are all getting OLDER. i know, 23 is NOT old. but we are graduates of college, homeowners, husbands and wives, working men and women. what happened to carpools and friday nights at the movies? or living only 5 minutes away from one another, not 1000 miles away. oh how the times change...

i will say one thing: weddings make for the BEST parties and the sweetest reunions!

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