Tuesday, April 21, 2009

and then one day it's spring.

so it's april. my inclination is to believe that green grass will begin to grow, flowers will appear (especially yellow daffodils), and i'll be able to start wearing my chacos and t-shirts without the need for a jacket. well...colorado must be different. last friday i woke up to this:

yes, it was absolutely beautiful. but after a season of cold temperatures and the temptation of spring, i was a little bit disappointed. only 2 weeks before i had been comfortable in my t-shirt and the river was beginning to rise because of the snowmelt. this winter has seemed a bit abnormal this year so i guess i can't be too suprised! but we were all thankful for the warmer temperatures on sunday that melted the snow from the ground. i am currently wearing a t-shirt and enjoying the sunshine and blue sky! oh, a promise of spring!


linda said...

oh i hope the cold passes soon. you got sunshine this weekend, though. miss you, poo. p.s. you're hair is super cute. i spent all morning looking at pics. it really is! well, other than that 1993-ish pic. ;)

Jenn said...

ok, so I hate to say this, but that picture does not describe beautiful to me! I'm amazed you can live in that weather... love ya!